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shampoo ranma pictures hd

We meet with shampoo ranma lovers again we'll show you many pictures and beloved characters and famous in DMANG and headed Shampoo of course

Even though I went to the moon will not shampoo leaves Ranma

You are a fortress for me
Shampoo Ranma married

Anime Marriage, Leave your heart touches shampoo heart

I feel safe with you
I miss my thinking, gave thee Rose

Photo When the Shampoo will be angry 

There are more high-quality images from the series Ranma Shampoo

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shampoo ranma wig

shampoo ranma Adventures and Fountain of Dreams

Real name : Ranma 1/2
Number of episodes: 161
Production date: 1989
Anime Category:  Comedy \ Romance \ Fantasy \ Action

Anime story ::::::::::

Spins anime about a boy named ( Ranma ) with the year ten years
Suffers from him , the girl fell into the fountain , which makes everything from falling to a girl turns if it poured cold water , and if he wants to return to the form should it poured hot water
I was there worse than this ... His father turns to Banda if poured cold water
It infected curse ( panda fountain ) turns each of which falls to the Panda because of the curse in which
Jinma arranged marriage for his son , his son, his friend ( Tendo )
They ( akane ) spoke to him , Ranma Marshal Art Chinese strongly
STORY complex
There are a lot of persons infected with the same damn
There is a love complex relationship

Anime Characters : -

Name: Ranma
Age: 16
Boy suffers like what I told you his name ( the fountain girl)
Boy gifted in the art of ancient Chinese ( Marshall )
Addressing akane
 beautiful and in the same age akane

Has problems with his fiancee


Age: 16
Boy as beautiful as you deem
Volatile mood and specifically on her fiancé ( Ranma )
Girl very skilled in the art of ancient Chinese ( Marshall )
Matchmaker Ranma
And his future wife
Is a very powerful

Shampoo Ranma Name: Shampoo
Age: 16
Girl prominent in fighting
Ranma Girl defeated to take the prize
She gave him the kiss of death
Defeated when she was attacked on akane

See how happy Shampoo Ranma  is?
P his wife became the law of the Amazon tribe


Age: 16
He dropped the other boy in the fountain of dreams
And turned into a pig ( poor )
Akane saw him and loved him and called him ( pitcha )


Ranma 's father (not shampoo ranma ) and Mwalima in Marshall or martial arts
Is the other fell in the fountain of dreams
And hit a curse ( fountain Panda )

Name: kasumi big sister 's Akane
Age: 19
Name : Nabiki Sister Central 's Akane

Age: 17

----- this pic dead -----
The man next to Ranma is the father of the girls
Kasumi \ Nabiki \ akane .
Self martial arts teacher
Some Photo and beauti shampoo , kasumi : -

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shampoo ranma 1/2 review

I like this anime so much so I liked that the highest you information about him and his images of synthesis of this beautiful anime

Shampoo Ranma STORY : with Ar Language characters
Tells the story of a boy of sixteen-year-old named Noor or ( Ranma Saotome)
shampoo ranma 1/2

Trained since childhood martial arts, during his trip with his father to learn Art Alguetaal in China,

Fell into the fountain of contaminated Bahahat became transformed into a girl once contact with the cold water,

And back to the original character as a boy during the pouring hot water on it.

General information about the series " shampoo ranma" ranma 1/2


Name: Noor (Ranma Sutoma)
Age: 16
Information about: is the series champion cheerful loves martial arts

Name: Reem (Akane)
Age: 16
Personal information: Nour is the heroine after a powerful martial arts like quick anger

Noor's father
Information about: the role of the father Noor
Which turns into Banda because it occurred in the fountain
His image when it turns

Name: Baha (Roga)
Age: 16
Information about: Friend Noor (Ranma), he also fell in the fountain
Translated into pig saw Reem (Akane) and loved and called pitcha

Name: Lord (Kasomi)
Information about: big sister Reem love cooking and house work
he have some scenes in shampoo ranma anime

Name: Rana (Nabeci)
Age: 17
Information about it: RIM's sister Central untapped

The father Reem Zrba and Rana
Information: a friend of Noor's father the name of the hero in the series


Information about: is a good doctor in the region known skillfully loves the Lord and all of what it deems enthusiasm dither and works funny movements

Name: Shampoo
Information Posted: Chinese girl Ranma faced a girl and defeated to take the prize
She gave him the kiss of death and defeated when it came attacks on akane
Became his wife, according to the law of the Amazon tribe

Name: Issam
Age: 17
Information about: love does not like fighting more than one it always tries to defeat light and ReeM

Ranma coach

Name: Nasreen

Information Posted: disingenuous was the sister Essam do not like defeat and never used any means so as not to defeat.

In other figures, but you have to highlight the most important shampoo ranma same character

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shampoo ranma same character

? who is shampo ranma
One of my favorite cartoon characters loved by everyone You'll learn more information on the wonderful anime manga
Main character Anoanah the series . During his apprenticeship with his father in land Jusnkeo for training in China , she fell into the sunken fountain girl , according to the curse of the spring , it came out with the body of a young woman . When sprayed with hot water , it returns to its natural form as a boy . However, when sprayed with cold water , it turns into a red - haired girl again. Martial arts hero is the life of a sixteen - year - old . Whenever fell pride , shampoo ranma goes to great lengths to correct the situation . It can appear in the form of a simple , over - confidence , uncaring and lofty . When it is prone to cheat or give insults , often acting without thinking selfishly , and frequent gossip . However, the cause of many of the above is a lack of maturity and embarrassment. Ranma has an extreme fear of cats resulting from his father when he trained as a technology " CAT - fu " serious . If she was isolated to with the cat in a very small space , or when it is no longer able to cope with his fear of cats , it begins to act like a cat himself and become a master ' CAT - fu ' . It loves deeply أكاني for but refuses to admit his feelings to her, pretending that he does not care about her. Is and أكاني approaching more with the extension of the series , each and every one of them goes all in his power to save the other when the problem is located . In addition to his engagement to Akane ( thanks to their parents ) , Ranma has many Almahbat , most notably the Chinese shampoo Amazonian , and cook Alawconomiaki and friendly his childhood Okio his Kwonja , Codache Kono, younger sister Tatjoaqui the Kono sworn enemy .

Shampoo Ranma
Shampoo submitted to Japan in order to kill the girl Ranma after being defeated in the annual martial arts competition in order to eat it award Jnma , well-equipped banquet . Shampoo Ranma girl accepted the "kiss of death " , which promised to retrace their impact and kill her in the end. Later , after he was defeated by Shampoo boy , the Shampoo Ranma accepted the "kiss of marriage." Amazon because of the law , they must have either to kill him or marry him . Ignorant that Ranma boys and girls are the same person , shampoo saddened after learning the fact Ranma and returned to China to train in Jusnkeo at the hands of her grandmother Grand Kowloon , and the curse hit and turned it into a snapshot - one more thing that scared him Ranma - . No longer fixated on the desire to kill her, and now wants to marry him only. Having returned to Nerima , Tokyo, Japan , shampoo became a waitress in a cafe cat ( Nico Hantyn ) , a cafe her grandmother , The Alramen reached Bdrajtha , and sometimes trample people - usually Ranma - on the street or on rooftops . And Matkrr always say " obstacle for the murder of " Special Khaarha , which included on Akane when the latter was arrested and restrict by Pantihos of Taro